Dear Customers:
The New York Assembly Bill A9175 was signed by the New York State Governor and requires real estate brokers to institute standardized operating procedures (SOP) for the prerequisites prospective homebuyers shall meet prior to receiving any services. This regulation is effective April 20, 2022.

Capital Elite Realty Group (the "Broker") is making this Standardized Operating Procedure (SOP) available on any publicly available website and mobile device application maintained by the Broker and any of its licensees and teams. Broker has copies of these Standardized Operating Procedures available to the public upon request at Broker's office location.

Please be advised that the Broker requires all prospective buyer clients to show identification. In addition, the Broker requires Exclusive buyer broker agreements. Moreover, the Broker requires pre-approval for a mortgage loan / proof of funds before showing the prospective properties. Please contact us through the Contact Us link and provide us your email address. If you would also like us to contact you through a phone call, please provide us your contact phone number and the best time to call you. We will call you as soon as we can. Thank you.

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